Unconscious blocks keep you stuck
no matter how hard you work.


Learn how to move past them - faster and with more ease - in this one-hour interactive workshop.

Unconscious blocks can keep you stuck no matter how hard you work.


Learn how to move past them and soar in this one-hour interactive workshop.

Hosted by Debra Joy, Leadership Coach



Thursday, June 1st

In this 1-hour workshop you will:

  • Identify three unconscious blocks that can stop you from achieving what you want.
  • Know where you are on your journey and what to expect as you move toward your goal
  • Have tools and practices you can use immediately to overcome these blocks and breakthrough to success.

Debra Joy has been coaching entrepreneurs and executives for over 15 years. She has co-founded a national non-profit and three businesses. Debra has a Masters in Leadership and Training and is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. She teaches clients to how achieve their biggest goals in ways that nourish their nervous system and actually feel good.